VooDoo Cycles began in 1994 by a diverse group of cyclists from many backgrounds in design, racing, retail and business. Back then the hardtail was king. VooDoo was known for some of the finest bicycles when hardtails were state of the art in efficiency and simplicity.

For over 30 years they have produced everything from lightweight road racing to long travel full suspension mountain bikes. They were one of the first to offer riders a semi-custom bike choosing your frame, fork and kit. They made one of the first production Reynolds 853 frames and early believers in the 29ers too. They have been around the block and around the mountain, so to speak.

Detalles de bicicleta con cuadro de titanio Voodoo Zocalo
Bicicletas Voodoo Zocalo

Today they are still keeping the hardtail alive on the mountain. They still believe in simple, smooth riding road bikes. All of it committed to building classic steel, aluminum and titanium tube frames.

Yes, they have the latest in wheel size, forks and components, still, they keep to their roots. They are the original VooDoo Cycles.

The mythical Voodoo Cycles brand comes back together with pioneer and mountain bike legend, Joe Murray. Focused always on design and field testing, Joe is primarily a rider that forgets about trends and sets the target on one idea: enjoy the ride.

With the magic he has always been known for, he gets the right and precise combination for classic materials with updated standards that really add value. His mind is always set on what is really useful to the rider and the lucky ones to chat with him discover that many of their supposed needs -on the cycling side- do not translate into a real benefit when riding the bicycle.

Bicicletas Voodoo Zocalo
Bicicletas Voodoo Zocalo

The gamble on steel and titanium models is not a result of a hunch or stubborness; the ones who really ride the bikes know that every material has its strenghts and weaknesses. In the concrete offroad discipline, the mechanic and dynamic features for both -titanium and steel- materials are just superb. Do they weigh more than carbon fiber? Yes, they do. Do you want a bicycle to show your friends in your living room as a jewel or do you want to head the mountain and collect as much mud as you can? The answer is on your side.