Elemento Veintidós starts as a joint project of a group of cyclism fans to develop and apply their own professional experiences to their passion: bicycles. Yes, our team meets a large background in the bicycle market, logistics, business... but on top of that, we do love the bicycles ;)

We started riding mountain bikes with the designs of the mythical Joe Murray back in the early nineties. Back then, steel dominated the market and titanium was a very rare material representing the top end. Those frames were very easy to identify, with their sloping top tubes when the rest of the mountain bikes out there had horizontal top tubes.

Since then, nearly everything has changed, but in Elemento22 we strongly think we must not forget some of the lessons that cycling has provided during these decades.

For that reason, our commercial policy is clear: we aim to offer high end quality products that add value to those riders who are looking for -and don´t easily find- some solutions that have been swept away by the big industry. We do not aim to dethrone "king" carbon fiber but add products made from titanium or steel that provide riders different riding experience and stand out for reliability and durability reasons.