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Cuadro Voodoo Bondye

Voodoo Cycles is a brand primarily focused on the offroad. However, a bit of road training is always necessary even for those who never want to get out of the singletrack. For that task there is no better partner than the Bondye, a carbon fiber frame and fork set focused on make you enjoy while kilometers pass by without penalizing on performance and efficiency.

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- Frameset

- Complete builds

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In the voodoo religion, the Bondye is the one and only god figure. Whether you are religious or not, you cannot disagree with the beauty that was crafted into the Bondye and once you ride this machine you can believe in the nature of a "higher power".

  • Carbon road frameset (including fork)
  • Oversized main tubes and bottom bracket
  • Disc brake mounts
  • Tire width up to 28mm
  • 12x100/12x142 Thru axle
  • Electronic shifting compatible
Detalles de bicicleta con cuadro Voodoo Bondye
Bicicletas Voodoo Bondye

With the Bondye, Voodoo Cycles has decided to build a machine able to "devour" kilometers with the same voracity as its brothers go through trails and singletracks. Its balanced geometry ensures you can maximize your pedaling power thanks to oversized tubes and bottom bracket as well as provides a noticeable smoothness during your ride that will leave you always willing for more.

An accurate front triangle design offers poise and confidence while descending; you will notice as soon as you ride it for the first time. On top of that disc brakes guarantee full control under braking, no matter the conditions.

But not everything in road cycling is about descending, you may first climb the mountain. And that geometry that helps descending proves the Bondye to be an agile bike. Standing up to pedal and swing the bike has an only limit: your own strength.

Detalle del cuadro Voodoo Bondye
Bicicletas Vodoo Bondye en el monte

We encourage you to try out a Bondye and see for yourself because "seeing is believing".

Geometría de los cuadros Voodoo Bondye

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