Reynolds 853 Steel Gravel Road

Cuadro Voodoo Rada

How many times have you wondered while riding your road bike where does that track next to the road lead? Rada, the new Voodoo Cycles gravel bike, comes to fill the gap. A bicycle whose concept roots come from the road but that is adapted to ride out of it.

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- Frameset

- Complete builds

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The Rada loa are known as guardians of morals and principles in the voodoo religion. Voodoo Cycles have focused on this gravel road bike to be your own personal guardian on and off the gravel road/trail.

  • Gravel frameset (including fork)
  • Reynolds 853 steel butted main tubes
  • Carbon fork
  • Disc brake mounts
  • 700x40c tire compatible
  • 12x100/12x142 Thru axle
  • Rack mounts
Detalles de bicicleta con cuadro Voodoo Rada
Bicicletas Voodoo Rada

Rada was designed with stable and quick geometry to allow the rider to flow over their favorite road or trail no matter how technical the terrain becomes. This gravel road machine can help you excel in the worst of conditions and become at one with your path to whatever your destination.

The absortion capabilities of steel get a perfect match with tires up to 700x40c to face rough terrains and provide excellent traction in the worst conditions.

And to complete its wide use range, it includes rack pannier mounts so that we can freely plan any long journey.

Detalle del cuadro Voodoo Rada
Bicicletas Vodoo Rada en el monte

Always comfortable, always fast; a perfect balance for those who don´t want to limit their rides to road or offroad: Rada solves the problem.

Geometría de los cuadros Voodoo Rada

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