Reynolds 853 Steel 29/27.5+ Hardtail

Cuadro Voodoo Dambala de acero

The same as its older brother Zocalo, Dambala represents a frame that gives you the chance to do everything, in a more affordable way. It offers a smart combination of Reynolds 853 steel tubing for unbeatable strenghtness, sliding dropouts and compatibility for both 29" and 27.5"+. With the Dambala you keep some aces up your sleeve, you only have to choose what type of bike you want!

Available as:

- Frameset

- Complete builds

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In the voodoo religion, Dambala is one of the most important loa. Loa are spirits that serve as links between men and Bondye, the ruler and supreme creator of the world. But they are not only present to serve, they must be served.

  • Steel frameset compatible for 29” and 27.5”+
  • Reynolds 853 butted main tubes
  • Sliding dropouts for optimal wheel positioning and geared/fixed compatibility
  • Internal routing for dropper seatpost
  • 3 bottle mounts available
  • Direct rack mounts available
  • Tire width clearance up to 3.0" for 27.5"
Detalles de bicicleta con cuadro de acero Voodoo Dambala
Bicicletas Voodoo Zocalo

For the Dambala, Joe makes use of pioneer material for mountain bike to create a reliable, smooth and fast bike. A hardtail with a design that provides a handling that can go face to face to any other one out there in the market.

This model is made of Reynolds 853 steel tubing and designed with an optimal geometry for any trail and circumstance.

With the Dambala you can change from a 29" to 27.5"+ fitting tires up to 3.0". The result will be a funnier bike when the trail starts to go down and a better traction in the trickiest climbs. Thanks to its sliding dropouts you will be able to switch to a fixed gear ratio too. In that point you raise the bet and the challenge is on your side; the chosen gear and trail will judge you!

Detalle del cuadro Voodoo Zocalo
Bicicletas Vodoo Zocalo en el monte

The Dambala is a versatile bicycle that allows to choose any riding style but does not force you to put aside some options that may interest you in the future such as long bicycle journeys that may last several days.

Voodoo Cycles has not forgotten about adventure lovers and includes in this model mounts for rack panniers and a third bottle mount for those who are still thirsty after running out of water in the first two bottles and hydration pack ;)

Geometría de los cuadros Voodoo Dambala

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