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Titanium 27.5 Long-Travel Hardtail

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Do you want to have fun like a bad boy? The D-Jab is your choice. A frame designed for 27.5" wheels, 140mm travel suspension forks and made from Titanium. Fast, light and reliable; you just need to find the most technical trail and start enjoying!

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In the voodoo religion Djab is like evil: a "powerful but wild spirit" which is the best way to describe the ride of the D-Jab Titanium long-travel hardtail.

The D-Jab was designed to make happy those who enjoy when the trail is really rough. The slacker headtube angle designed for long travel forks and the short chainstays help to attack each trail nimble, stable and quick.

  • Titanium 27.5” frameset
  • Black Anodized Titanium finish
  • 3Al/2,5V Titanium for main tubes
  • 6Al/4V Titanium for headtube, bottom bracket and dropouts
  • Sliding dropouts for geared/fixed compatibility
  • Internal routing for dropper seatpost
  • 3 bottle mounts available
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Bicicletas Voodoo DJab

It´s not everything about rider height when choosing the wheel diameter standard for your bicycle. Joe disegned the D-Jab for 27.5" to be snappy and quick on those parts of the trail where larger diameter wheels struggle. For the D-Jab chooses Titanium to provide a bike that doesn´t hold you back while ascending, smooth while riding and strong and reliable while descending.

How many carbon fiber frames have been wasted for a simple impact with a branch or stone? Mountain bike is not about riding on the "red carpet". The absortion and flexibility features of titanium are an extra value when starting each ride knowing you will get back home with your bike in one piece.

On the other side, the sliding dropouts give you the option to choose between a geared or singlespeed configuration. Singlespeed represents an alternative way to approach each ride and is an option getting stronger and stronger for riders that want to develop their own forces management. A bit of a gamble each time you go out for a ride choosing the optimal gear ratio to face the entire trail.

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Bicicletas Vodoo Djab en el monte

And if you are one of those riders that feels embarrased with the saddle in the technical descents, don´t worry, you will be happy to know that the frame includes routing for the telescopic seatpost that will definitely help.

As a resume: if you were missing smaller diameter wheels and you are looking for a playful bike, your choice is the D-Jab.

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