Reynolds 853 Steel 27.5 Long-Travel Hardtail

Cuadro Voodoo Bizango de acero

Talking about Bizango is talking about a classic steel model that has always distinguised Voodoo Cycles in the bicycle market. Its legacy comes back with a revised concept to meet the requirements of the most agressive mountain biking: 27.5", specific geometry for long travel forks and a design focused on make the rider enjoy the trail.

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The Bizango is a secret society within the voodoo culture/religion. This same principal is passed on to those who embark on the Bizango mountain bike. Inmediately you know you are part of a secret society of those who have ridden and those who know what the Voodoo Bizango has to offer.

  • Steel 27.5" frameset
  • Reynolds 853 butted main tubes
  • Sliding dropouts for geared/fixed compatibility
  • Internal routing for dropper seatpost
  • 3 bottle mounts available
Detalles de bicicleta con cuadro de titanio Voodoo Zocalo
Bicicletas Voodoo Zocalo

Sharing concept and geometry with its "titanic" brother D-Jab, the Bizango offers unbeateable resistance thanks to its Reynolds 853 steel tubing. Do you prefer some extra grams? Or you rather start invoking the spirits every time a branch or a stone touches your bicycle? Not everything is about the weight in mountain biking. Trusting your bike will take you back home every ride is starting to become an extra value. The recipe also includes 27.5" wheels to be fast in the close turns, geometry adapted to forks that can carry out everything and a small amount of that magical ingredient that only Joe Murray knows: enjoying the ride wihout compromising performance.

The Bizango was designed with a slacker headtube angle to help while descending. It has shorter chainstays to help keep the bike stable in rough sections of the trail. The sliding dropouts also enable the bike to be converted to single-speed for those that want a little extra challenge.

And if you are one of those riders that look for extra control and safety over the bike while descending, the Bizango features routing for dropper seatpost that will make your life easier.

Detalle del cuadro Voodoo Zocalo
Bicicletas Vodoo Zocalo en el monte

For Voodoo Cycles fans this Bizango turns to be the reference. With its orange color keeps providing its followers the best way to have fun in the mountain.

Geometría de los cuadros Voodoo Bizango

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